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Size Matters

When it comes to buying a hat getting the perfect fit is one of the most important elements. That gorgeous felt fedora is destined for life inside it's hatbox if the fit is too tight and your Summer straw will stay at home on the hat rack if you know you’ll be spending all of your time at the beach chasing after it…..So before you go ahead with that hat you have your heart set on spend a little time to work out your correct head / hat size.












Firstly, you’ll need a plastic or cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head (if it’s impossible to find one a piece of string will suffice that can be measured with a ruler later). Having a friend to help you is great but not essential.
Secondly, think about where you want your hat to rest on your head, tilted back or way down close to your eyebrows.  The most common place is about the middle part of your forehead, this position is also the largest part of your head. 




Okay here we go ….Start by wrapping the tape around the middle of the forehead, then around to the sides above the ears and then around to the back of the head, the tape should be sitting over that little lump at the back of the head.
Its important not to hold the tape too tight and to measure about 2 or 3 times to make sure you have it right.  Write down your measurement which should be anywhere from 53cm - 58cm with the average female head size 55-57cm.


Click here for more information on hat sizes or to order a custom made hat.





  • Suzy O'Rourke
  • Hat sizeHead SizeMaking a hat

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