Size Matters
When it comes to buying a hat getting the perfect fit is one of the most important elements. That gorgeous felt fedora is destined for life inside it's hatbox if the fit is too tight and your Summer straw will stay at home on the hat rack if you know you’ll be spending all of your time at the beach chasing after it.
So before you go ahead with that hat you have your heart set on spend a little time to work out your correct hat size. 
Behind the Scenes: Millinery Techniques: Blocking a Felt Trilby

Come behind the scenes and follow the step by step process of how we create a Fur Felt Trilby! 

The design is a 'sharp and chic'  trilby featuring an asymmetrical crown and turned up brim blocked in a luxurious black rabbit fur felt trimmed with a leather and felt band.

Steps include steaming, blocking, stitching, wire, trimming and the finishing touches!                                                         


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