Art & Design

Suzy O’Rourke has made a career out of her obsession with cultivating the beauty of the natural world and the art of living. An accomplished milliner and interior designer, Suzy is now focusing her attention on creating original artworks, ceramics, sculpture and bespoke furniture.

Suzy’s art and design approach is rooted in simplicity and her overlapping passions of architecture, design and nature. Suzy’s pieces are an expression of what she is inspired by and are created with the intention to add an element of beauty to elevate the everyday.

Suzy’s passion for art and design was influenced by her parents love of architecture, along with the muted colour palette and wild texture of her artist mother’s large scale abstract oil paintings.

Creating art from her studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Suzy continues to be inspired by nature, travel, music, books, sculpture and many artists and designers from the mid 20th century.

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Interior Design

Suzy would describe her design aesthetic as “storytelling”, creating spaces that make you ‘feel’. Every project has its own unique story, and her aim is to create lifestyle spaces with a strong identity, soul and personality that reflect the inhabitants.

To create this feeling, Suzy looks to the beauty and imperfection of nature, using honest materials that provide texture and warmth. This pared-back aesthetic helps to amplify the natural surrounding and provide a sense of authenticity and ambience.

Suzy takes a truly comprehensive approach, touching every element of the design space, including bespoke furniture, textiles and combining vintage finds along with new design elements that all conspire to create unique, cohesive and welcoming spaces. After all, who we are is largely shaped by what we choose to surround ourselves with.

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Suzy and her work have been featured in many publications such as Vogue Living, The Design Files, Vogue Australia, Inside Out Magazine, Australian House & Garden Magazine, Insitu Magazine, The Sydney Morning to name a few.

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